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2017 - "Weird Nightmare". New CD from my quartet.

2016 - DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels "The Mountain Will Fall". Trumpet on Trk "Nobody Speak". Very cool video :

2016 - CD Dexy's "Let The Record Show" - Featured harmonica on Trk 1 "Women of Ireland" Beautiful ensemble!

2016 - Downton actress Elizabeth McGovern's band "Sadie & the Hotheads". Session on harmonica for a track on her forthcoming album.

29th Oct '12, 5.45pm - Another preshow appearance at the National Theatre with John Horler (pno) and Jason Simpson (Bs).

1st Aug '12 - Looking forward to playing at Mill Hill Jazz Club with a superb lineup. John Horler - Piano, Tim Wells - Bass, Felix Weldon - Kit.

27th & 28th July '12 - Quartet plays Greenwich Festival. Another great line up. Phil Mead - Piano, Val Manix - Bass, Eric Ford - Kit.

More recording with excellent vocal harmony, acoustic trio Wanderin' Soles with Singer/songwriter - John Poole, Jon Potts - Piano/Violin. This is a mainly harmonic gig for me. We also play our yearly gig in Castle Park, Colchester Sun 12th August. 2pm.

Feb '11 - Graham Pike Quartet - CD "Resisting A Rest". Available here!

August '09 - The Soldiers - CD "Coming Home" - "The Last Post". Solo trumpet (Session).

November '09 - Peter Kay - CD "The Unofficial Children In Need Medley". Harmonica (Session).

22/10/08 - Loxford - CD "Zoo Ba De Boom" released. Completely forgot to mention it! It's available here or from JazzCDs, CD Baby, digital downloads on itunes etc.
It's been a long time coming but I'm really pleased with it, the band are fantastic.......Please buy it!

1/9/08 - Special Edition - Joined up with this excellent modern jazz band. New material, covers with some spoken verse.

1/7/08 - The Bizzarros - Parted company.

4/2/08 - The Zone - Settled on name for new band. Found Bass player, recorded a CD, gigs coming up, websites (see links).

4/9/07 - Bizzarros - Trumpet/flugel only! New 8 piece band. Website (see links).

19/8/07 - Another great gig with the exceptional "Wanderin' Soles" duo, John Poole - Singer/songwriter, guitarist and Jon Potts - Fiddle and keyboards. Check out John Poole's website (see links).

20/8/07 - Fusion project - CD nearly finished.

15/8/07 - New band, no name as yet. Cool fusion groove 4 piece. I'm working on a new webpage which will include MP3s. Gigs soon.

26/4/07 - Dirty Sanchez (Movie) - I'm featured playing Mexican Hat Dance on trumpet during a short clip.

26/4/07 - Sorry, I've given up with the guestbook. Cannot get it to work.

20/4/07 - MySpace up and running!

15/2/07 - Porgy & Bess - Yes, I'm back doing some theatre again after a break for some years, this time playing harmonica and doubling on keyboards. A lovely score - It's on at the Savoy Theatre, The Strand.

15/2/07 - Fusion project - Fusion-Schmusion. I don't know what else to call it! I'm scoring a number of tunes for a new recording that is taking place any day now. It'll be recorded and produced in my studio and as well as Nick Lacey there'll be a variety of top players - Some challenging stuff.

8/12/06 - Loxford 2 - Finally have a little progress on my CD, just added another track......

3/12/06 - CARS - Someone drove into the back of the GTE while I was stationary. With rubber bumpers and built like a tank, there was minor body damage and bent fuel tank - I continued my journey - his Rover was written off! Three weeks ago the day the assessor came to inspect the damaged GTE someone drove into the parked Sabre damaging the bodywork. Fortunately I've not had this repaired yet as last week someone else has hit it breaking the front light!

1/12/06 - Doing a bit of recording with songwriter Nev Hawkins. Should be interesting with a lineup of Guitar, Cello, Kit and Harmonica.

10/10/06 - WEBSITE - New guestbook operative but not integrated, still stumped by terminology!

5/10/06 - WEBSITE - Guestbook inoperative - working on it........

20/9/06 - PIKE/LACEY QUARTET - 6 track CD now available, more tracks in the pipeline. This is really an extension of the duo, playing similar material we are now available for functions, corperate events, etc. If you have a booking enquiry email me.

20/9/06 - FUSION PROJECT - I'm working on some original tunes, all instrumental so far, in a sort of fusion vein. Don't want to spend too much time trying to catagorize it but it's a sort of arranged electric jazz thing! (See "Fourteen-ten" mp3 download on this page).

18/8/06 - STUDIO - I've just finished setting up the new studio at my new premises. The first thing to do was record some quartet jazz with Nick - Piano, Chris Rodel - Bass, Mike Porter - Drums. I'm really pleased with the results and I'm now inspired to get on with some more writing/recording projects including some 'fusion' (for want of better terminology).

18/8/06 - STOCKER/PIKE DUO : Now performing some gigs with percussionist Markus Zweiffler.

25/1/06 - New entertainment license specifically relating to live music seems to be causing a few problems for some venues. I can't see what good can come out of more leglislation - it's seems to be just making life harder for everyone concerned. Anyway, I never heard the public outcry!

22/10/05 - STOCKER/PIKE : New duo with modern songwriter/singer/guitarist Cathy Stocker. Orignal songs, modern folk.

10/10/04 - GRAHAM PIKE & NICK LACEY : A great pianist, all round musician and friend I have worked with for over twenty years. We've produced a mini CD of jazz standards and Irish ballads, we've plans to add a classical angle to the material. This is fantastic fun while being pretty challenging.

9/4/04 - AIR HARMONICA : This is a first! - At a recent gig in town I was in the middle of an improvised solo when I happened to look up to see a guy seated in front of me playing air harmonica! I just about made it through the rest of the tune.........(Hey, why not?).

LOXFORD 2 : CD is under way but it's going to be a while yet. In contrast to the first CD which was a selection of material spanning over 20 years, this is planned to be a mixture of styles (naturally) of mostly recent material. I'm now roughly half way through but due to so many projects on the go it could be 2005 before it's completed.

NICKELODEON : Just completed a couple of projects for Nickelodeon TV. I don't have cable or satellite so I'm going to miss them!